Rich Rocket is an online slot game developed by Lucky Elephant. The game is designed to provide players with a fun and exciting gaming experience, as well as the chance to win big prizes. Rich Rocket is a great game for anyone who enjoys playing online slots or who wants to try their luck at winning rich rocket game
The Ric Ric Rocket game is developed by Lucky Elephant and is a multi-level online slots game. You can play and learn about the history behind this online slots game by reading the full review. There will be no doubt that you’ll love the best online slots game that features a rich rocket in the game theme.

The game can be played in both the online casinos or in an online casino. When you play the game, you can expect:
A cashing out option
50 lines for each spin
12 games with up to 9 reels, 50 paylines
The Rich Rocket game uses a random number generator to generate the paytable and sets the odds to payback. There are a total of 9 games with two variants of each game, the Lucky Risky and Rich Risky games. The paytable does not have the odds displayed, so you have to trust your luck and play the games.

There are total 6 fruit symbols in this game that will pay out big prizes, the Sumo, Blue, Acorn, Apple, Rainbow and Banana. There are 5 bonus features in the game.
The «Best » symbol is the Sumo, and it will award the player with the highest prize if it is activated. The aim is to play from left to right. If the Sumo is not used, the next highest symbols will be eligible to win the prizes.
The Big Shot appears when a single selected spin results in 5 Sumos. The 5 Sumos are wild symbols and the player will win a maximum of 15,000 coins in a single spin.
The Big Shot is randomly activated when it appears. The mode that the Big Shot randomly appears will be selected by the random number generator.
The Big Shot feature will be also randomly activated.
The Zero Number displays 3 Scatter symbols next to a coin. The player can win up to 5 free spins if the Zero Number is activated.
If the player uses the Sumo, the game can be continued, increasing the prizes per spin. Once one of the 5 free spins is activated, it is re-activated, increasing the free spins.
If the player uses the Sumo, the Big Shot can be activated.
When the Big Shot is activated, it is randomly selected to appear on one of the reels. If the Big Shot randomly appears on any of the reels, the Big Shot is randomly selected to activate.